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Within The Darkness Between The Starlight

by Nhor

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• : • : • ė • : • : • incredibly enchanting & undeniably beautiful - in a raw emotional sense. one of my favorite bm albums ever.

wish they would do another black metal album.
NorthwoodsBrewer502 thumbnail
NorthwoodsBrewer502 perfect atmospheric black metal. Bleak and beautiful. Drenched in a spellbinding sense of longing. Sorry for the cheesy description...but hey this is damn fine.
Eclev thumbnail
Eclev Thank you Sonnenherz for buying this and having it show up in my feed, this album is truly amazing and original in a genre that one could think innovation couldn't go much further. Emotion, feeling, haunting melody created with piano laced black metal. Something about the wailing vocals at the 3:30ish mark that really gets me every listen, in an incredibly big way. This album is wow. Favorite track: Within The Darkness Between The Starlight.
RottingChris thumbnail
RottingChris Brilliant mix of Black Metal and piano sounds. I can only recommend this mystical project from the UK! Favorite track: Within The Darkness Between The Starlight.


The new album of the mysterious project from England

Since 2009, the British music project Nhor has created its own unparalleled dreamlike world which is defined by the three dimensions of music, literature, and visual art. Nhor's musical panoply so far has spanned from doleful piano compositions (on "Nhor" from 2009 and "Upon Which Was Written Within The Stars" from 2010) to archaic Black Metal (on "Whisperers To This Archaic Growth" from 2011). Each release was accompanied by a self-written short story and unique artwork specially illustrated for it.

Nhor's latest opus "Within The Darkness Between The Starlight" comprises its Ambient and Black Metal sound spheres in equal measure and, for the artist, epitomises the equilibrium he begins to see between his main inspirations, the stars and forests. This insight is also the subject of the accompanying short story which is once more of equal value to the music and an integral component of the release.

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released August 30, 2013


all rights reserved



Nhor England, UK

Since 2009, British music project Nhor creates its own unique art world that is characterized by a dream-like aura in all of its facets. This does not only pertain to the music ranging from doleful piano compositions to archaic Black Metal, but also to Nhor's own short stories – each of which was written in the context of their releases – as well as to the project's own imagery. ... more

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